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Students from all over the world choose AMOpportunities to take the next step of their medical education.

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We Bring the International Audience
University of Miami Health System
University of Miami

"The impact these observerships have, however, reaches far beyond the walls of the institution. It fosters acculturation and expands opportunities for physicians and students around the world to learn from each other. The skills and knowledge these students gain at the University of Miami during their experience can be taken back to their own country where they can help improve their healthcare system."

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We Focus On Coordinator Needs
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Illinois
at Chicago

"AMOpportunities is a very well-structured organization,” says Daniela. “They handle everything from visas and accommodation to all of the communication so it’s not on us as an institution. It would be a strained effort without them."

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We Connect with Driven Individual Doctors
Soho Health
Soho Health

“I highly recommend working with AMOpportunities from a business standpoint,” says Dr. Fagelman. “It enhances your practice. It also allows you to give back, which is important. And it’s enjoyable to take part in that teaching aspect.”

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We Connect with Vital Private Practices
LoCicero Medical Group
LoCicero Medical Group

"The revenue from our program with AMOpportunities gives us the ability to do some things in our practice related to building out a quality department to find funding for value-based reimbursement,” says Dr. LoCicero. “It allows us to do some things that makes our practice a little more competitive and give patients a better level of service."

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Our Data
Program numbers from some of our most popular rotations.
Fagelman Program Infographic
LoCicero Program Infographic

What our program hosts say.
"I decided to work with AMOpportunities because I truly believed in what their purpose is. I think they give amazing opportunities to students from all over the world to gain insight on what medicine is. Here they learn from a different set of minds, learn different ways to practice medicine, but also learn, if they do decide to come here to practice, what that experience would be like for them.

Hosting AMOpportunities visitors is a very gratifying experience. In private practice, where I am, you don’t get as much academic experience, and I think you miss the teaching, and you miss the experience of molding the young doctors they’ll become. So, I think it gives you the chance to teach but also impart your lessons learned and the wounds you’ve experienced along the way."
Dr. Andrew A., Gastroenterology
Chicago, IL
Chicago Gastroenterology
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

"AMOpportunities visitors are the cream of the crop. They’re looking for a higher level of experience and a future for themselves, so their expectations are higher. This is a huge jump from what they're used to. You have more quality students who are used to dealing with more challenges and are very successful at handling that.”
Dr. Mitchell G., Orthopedic Surgeon
Chicago, IL
Thorek Memorial Hospital

"I highly recommend working with AMOpportunities from a business standpoint. It enhances your practice. It also allows you to give back, which is important. And it’s enjoyable to take part in that teaching aspect."
Dr. Andrew F., Internal Medicine
New York City, NY
NYU Langone
"The word is simple: professional. AMOpportunities is professional. AMOpportunities checks everything and delivers what they promise. That’s the most important thing. When students come here, they have to be guided properly. That’s why I accepted AMOpportunities."
Dr. Vishnu G., Cardiology
Evanston, IL
Presence St. Francis Hospital

"There is a lot of communication that goes back and forth between us and AMOpportunities. It’s nice to have students set to go on their first day, showing up on time with all their paperwork done. AMOpportunities’ reputation and our reputation have made it so that students tell us that past students recommended AMOpportunities and our facility because of the positive experience they had. It’s been great to see that develop over the years."
Dr. Karon L., Internal Medicine
Tampa, FL
Tampa General Hospital


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